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What is Erotic Audit

Well, honesty is our driving force. We are always honest about our impressions and feelings that we get when testing new products or applications. We don't get satisfaction and pride in our work if we lie. That's how it is. And that's why we are such a small team, but we are proud of our work. So that's why I'm going to share the story how it all started and why - without holding back anything.

So, it all started a few years ago with another similar project where me and my friend were getting paid for writing deceptive reviews on adult oriented websites and products. The payment was good and we weren't complaining. But after awhile it became quite ridiculous, we had to brutally lie and fabricate facts. And eventually it became just too much. We didn't want to keep contributing to the mess that modern internet has become.

So we decided to leave and go to a different company and write different type of reviews, but after few months we realized that we miss writing reviews for adult oriented products. So we decided to create our own website just for fun. And that's how Erotic Audit was born. Now we are actively working on it because we see a promising future for our creation.

And most of all - we just love what we do!