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Adult cams vs Live sex-cams - know the difference

real story This guide will make it easy for you to choose the best adult cam site or live sex-cam for you. Or maybe even surprise you about how little you know about adult cam world. (long read)

Introduction to Live Cams World

Whether you are looking for live erotic sex shows performed by professional and experienced models or just want to watch some rough live sex on camera by amateur webcam model you need to understand the difference between between an adult cam site and live sex cam. Hmm. Or do you? Because for majority of free live sex lurkers there's no difference who will satisfy the sexual urge and show massive beautiful tits or unload huge cum portion on the face of young looking girl. But are you one of them? Or maybe you want something that will actually satisfy you so deeply, so that you will feel like if you actually had real passionate sex?

That's your choice.

What is adult cams site? Hint: it's real-like sexual experience

I didn't want to spoil the surprise, but yeah, I'm going to be straightforward here and will not waste any of your time to introduce you to wonders of premium adult cam world.

Yes. Premium. Exactly. But why I mention premium only now? Doesn't mean that adult cams are expensive? Well, no, but yes. You see, we at Erotic Audit have a definite separation between and Live Sex Cams. Because adult cams has the keyword in it "adult" which means that you have to be actually mature to look for high quality live sexual experience. The point is - you don't want to spend time looking for someone who will satisfy your sexual needs, you want someone professional and responsible, who will do exactly what your passion asks for. Yes, it will cost money, but good time is guaranteed. And if you are mature and established person, then you already know, that time is much more valuable than money.

Best adult cam sites (in our humble opinion)

Well, it's simple and we don't want to be vague about it and go straight to the point - it's LiveJasmin and Jerkmate.

Why two? Not one? Or not more? Well. Because honestly - initially I wanted to move Jerkmate to the section of just "high-quality" adult cams, but we don't want look like that we promote and push LiveJasmin. No, we don't. But we recognize that work that they put in to give you the best live sexual experience you can get. They are truly responsible and care about the clients. They want you leave the website so satisfied so you will want to get more and feel more, and get maximum for the money you spent. That's it. And it actually works. Don't believe me? Ha, well, feel free to prove me wrong!

Jerkmate is something relatively new, but already brings a lot interesting and fascinating to the adult cam world. Creators of Jerkamte strive to deliver something special and high quality. But. I have a little problem with how quickly they cut access for non-registered users. They want you to create account and attach credit card and early as possible, and for me personally it worrying. It's hard to understand what you will get before you actually pay. But don't get me wrong. You will get a lot. It's just I don't want you to be negatively surprised when you will be required to registered after just a few minutes of visiting the website. However - after the registration, you will get as much as from LiveJasmin with exception that it will be a little bit for expensive, but the result is also exceptionally amazing!

Almost forgot - did I mention that Jerkmate exclusively offers live sex shows from porn stars? I think I did. Just now.

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Other high quality sites with adult shows

Besides LiveJasmin and Jerkmate there are also a few cam sites that we rank high and would recommend for those who are looking for live sex shows. They are not best, but honestly there's nothing wrong with them, it's just they don't hit all checkboxes and don't bring something extraordinary, but the quality of content and user experience is relatively the same.

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Now, what's is live sex-cam (and why to even bring them up)

Let's see. Not all of us want to see naked girls only after we pay them few dollars. And sometimes we just want look at some groupie sex by borderline teens or some nasty lady putting huge dildos into a hard working hole, or a couple of gays sucking dicks to each other.

Yeah - all of it is basically brief description of live sex cams. Here - "live sex" is basically all you need to know. Without any payment or even registration you just visit a website and watch people jerk of or have sex with someone. And basically - that's it. There a lot of different categories and filters. You can find almost anything (at least if its legal).

So without further ado here's the list of nasty Live Sex Cams for you own consideration. Just remember - be ready for everything.

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One more stop - sex chats

Hear me out, I'm actually a little angry here. Because live sex-cams too often declare themselves as live sex chats, but that's not fucking true. They are not. The are live sex cams with ability to chat. And it's no wonder - chats are essential for almost any website, especially for live sex cams. But it's important to distinguish them and draw clear line between sex-cams and Sex Chats. We already know about first, but regarding the sex chats - they are what, well - literally sex chats, the places where people talk about sex or exchange/share sex pictures, photos, videos, discuss preferences, describe experience and learn more about sex.

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Final words

We at Erotic Audit believe that in order to give our users best suggestion about choices when it comes to looking for sexual satisfaction we need to be as precise and concrete as possible, even if means to look tedious. So hopefully you will get used to it, but for now, let's do a little exercise and repeat our definitions:

Adult cams - premium high-quality real-like sexual experience.

Live sex-cams - basically live-porn with ability to interact with models.

Sex chats - places dedicated for communications and exchange medias related to sexual subjects.

Ooof. Now you know how boring I am. Hopefully we can still be friends. Sorry for being so annoying and tiresome. But know I can be sure that you will find exactly what you need in this wild world of adult cams, live porn and sex chats.

Little extra

Without context and explanation, here's a something a little extra for you. Something that might surprise you. Something you can checkout at any time and open something new for yourself.

Stay tuned for more...

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