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Top 5 sites to watch young and sexy webcam girls

real story The carefully and mindfully prepared rating of the best live sex cams sites with the hottest and sexiest webcam girls and attractive naturally beautiful women.

A little rant about modern beauty standards

For some definitely ill reason, natural beauty among grown-up ladies becomes less acceptable with each year. New trends and modern marketing strategies made many of them believe that beauty comes from plastic surgeon cabinet and not from within or at least cosmetic surgeon. Blown up lips as if she is sex doll, buttocks the size of two gigantic watermelons and thighs wider than a telephone pole - that the modern beauty in nutshell. So, basically if you see a broiler-like female human being - you know she is beautiful and attractive. Well, unless you are like me - missed my portion of the social media influence and didn't spent time praising enormous butts on Instagram.

Instead I value natural proportions and esthetical appearance. Bodies that you can easily associate with healthy lifestyle and goals. Lean and slim, graceful and elegant. Girls that are just charming and sexy whose appearance doesn't scream - "Look at me! I gotta be beautiful!" but instead gently and playfully looking at you with the slightest of smirks and whispering to your ear - "Hey there, sexy. Wanna play?". That's what makes my dick rock-hard and ready to whatever craziness she is up to.

Beauty among webcam models

And when it comes to live sex cams - it's absolutely the same out there. Many "modern beauty" girls and unfortunately just few who resonate with natural charm and grace. I spent already more than a year actively using Chaturbate, Stirpchat and LiveJasmin. Since summer of 2020 I watch webcam girls regularly and I think I've already seen it all. But what I recently noticed is that regardless of how much time I go off - girls that are naturally charming, graceful with lean and slim body and sexy attitude will make me hard again immediately. But there not many of them. And it's the purest of luck to have a chance to watch them online for free.

Live sex cams with the hottest and sexiest girls

So, here is the countdown of the best live sex cams sites with the hottest and sexiest girls online. I will start with the sites where it is easy to find naturally beautiful girls and will end with those where it is harder to find them.

#1 BongaCams

For my personal surprise, BongCams turned out to be the most crowded place with sexy ladies, charming smiles and graceful bodies. Watching them play on camera will make you hard in a second. Yes, most of them are from Russia and they usually talk Russian, but many of them will speak English too. However it's not that important, because all of them speak body language - that needs no translation. Read our complete review of BongaCams to find more about good sides of BongaCams, features and prices.

#2 Chaturbate

Regardless how trashy Chaturbate might be and how much nastiness is going on there - it still remains a go-to place for attractive amateur models who are looking to earn some money online stripping and dancing on web camera. Chaturbate also good in a sense that it shares about 50% of income with models. So this scheme attracts girls that are confident in their appearance and talents and it means they have to be hot and sexy for that.
Like this one: Read entire review of Chaturbate to learn all details.

#3 Stripchat

Stripchat is one of the most known sites to watch sex and porn cams. And it has huge popularity Brazilian and Mexican webcam girls. Maybe Stripchat recruiting program targets Latina girls for some reason. I don't know. But the fact is - Stripchat is full of Latin-Americans ladies and women. But it also has decent popularity among other countries. So, on Stripchat you can find any looking girl and for any taste, including naturally beautiful sexy hotties like this one: Here is a complete overview of Stripchat and all details about it.

#4 LiveJasmin

To put it gently - LiveJasmin has quite a few downsides in relation to matching the expectations the website creates when you browse the models. Initially you fall under impression that every model was taken here straight out of Miss Universe competition. But once you turn on the video and start watching her on live camera you start to understand that there were inexplicable amount of photoshop and make up involved in each photoshoot to make them look like a cheeseburger from McDonalds. So yeah - marketing at it's finest. But even after realizing that they are nowhere as beautiful and sexy as on the profile pictures and photoshoots - LiveJasmin has still lots of extremely attractive and fine girls. Here is an example: So if you want learn more about the finest webcam girls - read complete and detailed review of LiveJasmin cams.

#5 LoyalFans

Here is another beast - the place that is slightly different, but still has upper hand over the many other sex cam sites. LoyalFans is basically a social network for adults where you can get in touch with many hot and charming girls, who are actually professionals in adult entertainment industry and know exactly how to satisfy anyone and do in a graceful and sexy manner. LoyalFans is not really a live sex cam site, but it has features like direct calls and shout outs that can be a great alternative for the regular live sex cam experience. Also video previews are extremely sexy and arousing. Here is one from a really classy girl: If you are interested in trying something exciting and new- read our detailed review on LoyalFans.


Natural beauty is still something that you can find everywhere, even on live sex cams. But it's getting harder to find webcam girls that has such perks and values. However if you want an online sex experience with a charming and graceful girl -  Erotic Audit will always be there to guide you through the woods of chubbyness and "alternative healthiness".

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