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How to become a webcam model - simple and honest guide

real story Working as a webcam model in today's world becomes a very viable and profitable option to make good money online while doing something relatively simple and safe. Read this detailed guide from professionals to learn how to become a successful webcam model.

What is live webcam sex?

What is live webcam sex?

Live sex webcams is relatively new field of online adult entertainment industry, however it becomes more and more popular literally everyday. The reason behind it is very simple - it is natural evolution of digital entertainment world that is now accessible as never.

The idea is very simple - someone turns on a webcam and shows themselves to the others, they are usually called - webcam models. People that are watching can submit requests, for example - ask the webcam model to show specific parts of the body or do something. Webcam model can simply perform the requested action or ask for donation in form of tokens in return.

Interaction between webcam models and viewers is usually regulated by a live-streaming platform, such as LiveJasmin, Stripchat, Chaturbate or any other. These platforms make it easy for webcam models and viewers find each other and provide simple and accessible way for donations, so that models can earn money and viewers can have their wishes granted.

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Different types of online sex

Adult webcams and live sex platforms are basically two separate branches of live adult shows. Adult webcams usually recruit models, provide necessary resources, such as apartments, light, video cameras and sex-toys in return of percent from donations. Live sex platforms are mainly services where anyone can just register and start streaming using their own resources. The major difference is quality of the product and percent that the service takes from donations, however there are always exception.

Learn more about the difference between adult webcams and live sex platforms.

Even though first services were registered about 20 years ago, they didn't become popular until just a few years ago. LiveJasmin is technically one of the oldest - officially launched in 2001, then there's Streamate - in 2003 and many others were originally founded during the rise of the personal computers.

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Requirements to become a webcam model

Basically - there no requirements. Anyone can become a successful webcam model and make good money while doing something relatively simple - being yourself and enjoying what you do. I know it sounds stupid, but it is actually not. Being a webcam model means being yourself before everything else. And that's the beauty of it - just relax and open yourself up to the idea that someone is watching you and doing basically the same - enjoying your company. For this viewers can motivate you with some tips which you will be able to convert into real money.

However you shouldn't force yourself to do what you don't like. Be open about it as well. If there's something you are not willing to do - nobody can make you do it. Everyone has limits. You can just sit there and chat with people without even showing any part of your body. You might be laughing, but it's actually a thing too. And you can also make decent money if you are just a friendly wholesome person.

Perform as a solo webcam model

Perform as a solo webcam model

One of the simplest ways to start - is to open a laptop and join Stripchat or Chaturbate. These platforms allow you to register an account and become available publicly without any contracts and requirements. You just need to be over 18 years old. After this you can start streaming and making money. You don't even have to undress and show your intimate parts. You can just be sexually attractive and that's it. People will just spend time with you chatting and talking, and maybe if you would love to have intimate chat, you could do it privately.

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Join live-sex studio

Join live-sex studio

There are another options like LiveJasmin and Streamate. It's a little bit more complicated, but still very viable and profitable option. The point is - the platform provides you everything, including privacy and portfolio. These options are suitable for strip-dancers and escort workers. Studio will find for you generous clients who will be willing to spend countless amount of money in order to have a good time with you. Meanwhile you will need to follow few somewhat strict rules and that platform requires to keep up with the high quality of products. Because those are usually worried about their clients and want to provide the best user experience possible.

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How much money webcam model can make

How much money webcam model can make

Although it highly depends on many different aspects, but overall - there's basically no limit to the amount of money you can earn while working as a webcam model. However - different platforms offer different conditions and terms. Here are few popular live sex platforms and what they can say about it.

LiveJasmin - officially declares, that the top 3 models have already earned about 2 million dollars each. Although they don't specify how long it took for them to make so much money. However it is still very impressive regardless.

Stripchat - doesn't share details about their to earning models, but they give up to 60% from what clients spend on you and also there's a chance to win 24 thousands dollars each month. So basically you can imagine that top models make at least few thousands every month.

Chaturbate - provides just a few details about how much webcam models make, however you can count it yourself. Chatrubate pays 5 cents per token spent on you. Which means if use spends 100 tokens - model makes $5. And then you can see, that some webcam models get 1000 tokens received in an hour. So $50 an hour, while working for few hours a day will make you few thousands dollars a month.

Streamate - officially and bluntly advertises that you can make up $10000 a week! While it sound very unlikely, but still realistic. My guess - is that someone at some point earned about 10 thousands dollars a week and now it became an Everest in terms of ultimate height. However I can easily believe that you can make 1000 dollars USA in a week without too much hustle.

Where to begin

My advice - start simple. The simplest way would be Stripchat or Chaturbate. There you can just register and start streaming. Nothing is basically required. Although you will not get immediately too much attention from the viewers, but that's actually a good thing, because you won't be overwhelmed with amount of new things to learn and will be able to adapt smoothly and painlessly. And after that experiment with other options. Like LiveJasmin and Streamate, as there you will get right into action and clients will want to have virtual sex with you.

Overall - it's good practice to work with multiple platforms and get most of the time you spend working as webcam model.

Are there any downside of being a webcam model?

Generally - working as a webcam model is simple and efficient way to earn money. You can stop at any point. If you afraid that your neighbor will recognize you - it's solvable as all platforms allow you block users from specific countries. So watchers from your country will not see you at all. But if you are still worried - you can always wear a mask and keep your identity as a secret.

Final advices before you become webcam model

Final advices before you become webcam model

Finally, I mentioned it above, but still want to emphasize again few small things that can significantly improve your webcam model experience. First of all - always be yourself. It's much-much easier when you don't have to pretend and it's noticeable. You should be comfortable and your watchers will love you for that. And for this - you will find your regular watchers and tippers who will make your day-to-day live much more enjoyable.

Another thing - if you are afraid to be exposed, don't share any personal details and maybe even wear a mask and come up with a nickname. Basically create yourself another identity that you will use for webcam modeling. This way you can have more fun and stay relaxed.

Otherwise - enjoy your time and have fun!

Alternative live sex platforms

BIMBIM - new onlyfans platform from AWEmpire, the company that many years supply high quality adult-oriented products. Go to BIMBIM to learn more about this new option.

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