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Social networks for adults or Onlyfans alternatives

real story In light of recent news about Onlyfans plans to ban pornographic content, Erotic Audit introduced new category - social networks for adults that about to replace Onlyfans once and for all.

The next evolution of sex cams and porn sites

Despite the fact that pornographic sites like Pornhub and many live sex cams already have integrated communities and social networks, they still are not quite the same as what we are presenting right now. You see, the main point of adults-only social networks is to create communities without that are focuses not as much as on content as much as on personalities: artists, creators, publishers, photographers, bloggers, celebrities and other people who somehow attract public attention. While webcam streams and porn stores are focused mainly on nudity and pornographic materials, even though they also promote personalities, however it's not the main focus. That's why many content creators, who become somewhat popular on either pornographic websites or sex cam streams eventually end up creating Onlyfans account and use it to monetize their content without being directly associated with porn industry.

But didn't OnlyFans going to disallow pornographic content in the future?

But didn't OnlyFans going to disallow pornographic content in the future?
Well, yes, Onlyfans recently (in August 2021) was brave enough to publicly announce that they will clean up the platform from pornographic content! Even though they decided to rollback that decision - it still has bit really hard those who rely on Onlyfans as the main source of outcome. And hence backslash was formed and Onlyfas had no choice but to cave.

So, is Onlyfans a good place to sell personal nudes?

Well, it kind of is, but there's plenty of complications and one of them is the main question - "Where do I get followers then?". You see, Onlyfans is absolutely great choice for those who already have a fanbase. But for those who don't - it's just a sure way to get depressed, because all you will see everyday - is empty mailbox. And that's why EroticAudit decided to help our users with choosing a platform to make money online by selling personal erotic or pornographic material.

Onlyfans alternatives for erotic content

So, after spending few days in the internet searching for the places to sell and buy erotic photos and videos we came up with the list of the next social networks and platforms where everyone can easily monetize their work basically for free.

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Will there be more sites similar to Onlyfans?

Currently, there's not many places that fit the purpose of selling personal photos or videos and provide necessary functionality to successfully monetize adults oriented media content. However the soil is fresh and the seeds are planted. If you are online sex worker - the future is bright for you. And the demand for high quality amateur content will grow every day. Many people currently spend a lot of time home alone and only few watch "Angels With Filthy Souls" in black and white.
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