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What is BentBox

BentBox is a simple and concise media selling platform where you can sell and buy photos and videos. BentBox is free for both sellers and buyers.

Main features:

  • Ability to buy and sell media content
  • Stream page, similar to Instagram feed to showcase the work and get immediate attention
  • Different payment methods and simple charging mechanism

How BentBox looks

  • BentBox on desktop

    BentBox on desktop

  • BentBox on mobile

    BentBox on mobile


  • Overall rating

    5 out of 5

  • User interface

    Excellent user experience. Easy to navigate and use.

  • User experience and product quality

    Honest and user-friendly service without dubious intentions and deceptive offers. Clearly cares about users.

  • Content

    Unique and unmatched high quality content.

  • Safety

    Excellent safety. Best practices and high standards.

  • Support

    24/7 both technical and user support. Super-friendly and always helpful.

  • Pricing

    The service is absolutely free!

  • BentBox is good at

  • Simple platform where you can buy and sell photos and videos with ease
  • Very user friendly design without features overdose
  • Stream page with the feed of the latest posts - convenient for both publishers and buyers
  • Relatively fresh platform, which is good for new publishers who are not ready for big exposure
  • BentBox is bad at

  • Currently no downsides found (as of September 2021)

Detailed audit of BentBox

Main point - make money selling your photos

Regardless if you are professional photographer, use expensive camera and equipment or just make some nude selfies occasionally or film how you tease yourself in the morning waking up extra kinky and naughty. It doesn't matter, if you want to make money online just by uploading few of your pictures or videos - BentBox will help you with that. And most importantly it doesn't require much of your personal data and phone number. That means - it's not a social platform where your personal info can eventually be exposed to your friends and family. You can just post anonymously and your won't know who is buying your media material. But you will still get paid. And it's for you to decide how much your erotic photos or videos will cost. And believe me - there is no such things as too expensive nudes. There are always people who are willing to pay a good money to get their sexual needs satisfied.

Comparison with other media marketplaces

While there's basically countless number of online places where you can sell or buy erotic photos, we still think that BentBox is something special among them. However let's compare BentBox with some of the most well know.


OnlyFans is probably the most popular and well-known places to sell nudes, erotic or even porn. However in the light of recent news about OnlyFans banning sexually explicit materials - personal porn dealers started to look into other directions. And BentBox is one of them. Also, having that BentBox is quite a new place for media sellers - it means that you can become an aborigine and earn yourself popularity buy just being there from the beginning. Also OnlyFans thrives on celebrities and influencers, as basically any other social platform out there. And if you don't want to become unnecessary famous or recognizable - BentBox is a better place to start.


Even though ManyVids might appear as a place to sell personal videos or photos, in reality is basically the Pornhub Premium. To be honest it has few things to do with art and erotic. Another thing - it has webcam streams and if you look very closely it aims to become just another live sex platform. So, if you more into art, erotic, sexuality and want to attract those who appreciate classical beauty then BentBox will server you well.

BentBox Stream

One of the best things about BentBox is the stream page. Visually it reminds Instagram feed and it shows the latest works submitted by creators. It means, that if you choose BentBox - you will get immediate access to everyone eyes and will have a chance to attract everyone to your photo or video by just posting it.

Payment mechanism and methods

BentBox charges are very simple - it adds it's fee to your original price. So if you put the price of $10 for the user it will be $10.9 and you will receive all your $10.

With payments methods - BentBox supports many payment options such as credit card, BitCoin Neosurf and other gift cards, and even wire transfer (no kidding).

User submitted reviews about BentBox

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Audit conclusion

Erotic Audit considers BentBox a safe choice of Adults-only social platforms and is worth visiting. Follow the link below to get safe access to BentBox website.

Safely visit

BentBox alternatives

Even though BentBox deserves to be considered one of the best Adults-only social platforms, we still have prepared for you a few other alternative Adults-only social platforms that are just quite like BentBox, but can be better for you for one or another reason.
  • ManyVids is the adult community where media content creators can sell their work. ManyVids provide e-commerce platform oriented to online sex monetization. It is basically Twitch and Patreon combined, but oriented for adult-entertainment industry.

    • ManyVids is good at
    • Innovative and charismatic rapidly growing online and live sex platform.
    • Very intuitive and user friendly design and features.
    • Different options and ways to earn money.
    • view more...

  • On LoyalFans you media-content creators can earn money from fans and followers by selling access to photos, videos and audio records. Well suited for artists, actors, especially in adult-entertainment industry as well as influencers and celebrities.

    • LoyalFans is good at
    • Many popular porn-stars and sex industry workers with lots of exclusive content
    • Direct communication with celebrities and models - get to know your idols personally
    • Absolutely user friendly and easy to use both on desktop and mobile
    • view more...

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