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Adults-only social platforms

Social media platforms for adults are the websites and applications, where users can post sexually explicit pictures and videos, stream live stories, share it with followers and fans and earn money selling media content or services to followers who can subscribe or make one time payments to get access to private content.

Where social media for adults started

Such platforms are relatively new for the social media era. And what they are - is just a natural evolution of any technology - to transform into another sexual entertainment for those who live in search of bright feelings and sexually rich life.

Who needs adults-only social platforms

Such exotic and unconventional social platforms grew popular on the ground that Instagram and Snapchat have been harvesting for years. Even though Instagram is strictly against any nudity and sexually explicit content, you can find there many representatives of adult entertainment industry, such as porn starts, webcam models or even call-girls and escort workers. Same thing can be said about Snapchat, but the main difference is that Snapchat is not banning users for posting their nudes and sexual content. And for such users, to be able to share explicit content with their audiences, there were created alternative platforms, where they can freely and without worrying post their nudes, videos, stories and even take donations from their fans in form of subscription or one time payments.

This list of the Adults-only social platforms is based on the popularity stats anonymously collected from our visitors.
  • On LoyalFans you media-content creators can earn money from fans and followers by selling access to photos, videos and audio records. Well suited for artists, actors, especially in adult-entertainment industry as well as influencers and celebrities.

    • LoyalFans is good at
    • Many popular porn-stars and sex industry workers with lots of exclusive content
    • Direct communication with celebrities and models - get to know your idols personally
    • Absolutely user friendly and easy to use both on desktop and mobile
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  • BentBox is a simple and concise media selling platform where you can sell and buy photos and videos. BentBox is free for both sellers and buyers.

    • BentBox is good at
    • Simple platform where you can buy and sell photos and videos with ease
    • Very user friendly design without features overdose
    • Stream page with the feed of the latest posts - convenient for both publishers and buyers
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  • ManyVids is the adult community where media content creators can sell their work. ManyVids provide e-commerce platform oriented to online sex monetization. It is basically Twitch and Patreon combined, but oriented for adult-entertainment industry.

    • ManyVids is good at
    • Innovative and charismatic rapidly growing online and live sex platform.
    • Very intuitive and user friendly design and features.
    • Different options and ways to earn money.
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